At Marquette Mounts, we are all about connecting people, places & things!

Our Story?

It started like this…I got sick of my wife carrying more adventure gear on the roof of the family car than I could carry with my pickup truck!

Our company, Marquette Mounts (M2) is located on the north coast of the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the city of Marquette. Our goal is to allow your to connect more of your stuff to your truck using smart, affordable, and patented racks that are made in the USA.

Trucks have been the bestselling vehicle body style in the USA for over 20 years. Everyone knows they are useful for hauling many things with one major drawback – trucks lack lockable, dry trunk space. At M2, we solved this problem by creating a one-size-fits most, high quality, affordable truck rack system that easily mounts to the sidewall of your truck. The system provides protection for valuables like skis, guns, and groceries by creating a convenient place to mount your rocket box. The truck rack system mounts invisibly in your blind spot and eliminates clearance issues when entering garages or other small spaces. The system can be fitted with almost every rocket box available on the market and also works with virtually every sports related rack system designed for the roof of a car.

Best of all, you can keep your tonneau cover and add valuable storage space to your truck simultaneously by simply clicking here…