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The Truck Rail Rack

Packing your gear for a spur of the moment trip can be frustrating when you need to find away to fit a square into a circle. The Truck Rail Rack opens up a wide range of easy options for packing your awkward shaped belongings into a compact space saving manner. The tough desionsion on wether to pack your second cooler or a pair of mountain bikes doesn't exist with the Truck Rail Rack. Our pattened light weight racks increase space by moving cluncky items from the truck bed to the truck rail. The Truck Rail Rack is anchored to the side rail in the stake holes making for easy removal. Having large objects sucured off to the side allows for a greater field of vision when backing up boats or trailers, creating a safe environment for everyone around. Are bikes and other metal equipment scratching your truck bed? Haul them on the side rail and leave . Keeping your truck box and "Rocket Box" on the side rail open ups the truck bed for the fun 4x4s and snowmobiles without leaving your beloved tools behind.